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2 worlds and what you should know about it.

All of us live in two worlds but very few of us realize it and are able to feel it. Each day of our life is cramped with so much to do that most of us forget to contemplate and get in touch with our inner self. Each day we wake up do our daily chores, go to work come back, watch T.V and go to sleep and the next day is no different but is that all there is to our life or is there something more?

When I say two worlds I mean the physical world where we live and the spiritual or the inner world which exists within us and there are moments in our life when each one of us is able to connect with that world for a brief moment. These moments can differ and vary from person to person.

To give you an example when you see a child playing carefree and smiling you see pure innocence and whilst you are watching that beautiful smile there is a smile on your face as well which comes naturally you don’t have to force that smile. It’s said that we are all a reflection of god and that at the core we are all as pure as Him. So no wonder when we see the child smiling a smile comes on our face as well.

Two Worlds I

I recall my own personal experience. There used to be an old lady who used to sit outside the temple that I used to visit off and on. She used to accept food and money from people who were kind enough to give it to her but I never saw her asking for money or for food to anyone. I remember one day walking up to her and giving her home cooked food and not food that was leftover or bought from a restaurant; and she accepted it. The following week I went again and she could see me from a distance and she kept looking at me with a strange look in her eyes which I am unable to express in words. I walked up and stood next to her and bent down to give her the food that I was carrying in my hand after receiving the packet of food she reached out for my hand and touched it on her forehead looked up and smiled. I can never forget that smile and her smile brought a smile on my face.  Giving is much more satisfying and yes it does make you happy than when you receive something.

Two Worlds II

This connect does not happen only when we see something nice and happy. This connect with our inner world can also be found when we deal with or look at something painful. We do not smile when we see a person in pain. The expression on our faces changes the moment we see someone in pain. We are able to connect at a deeper level within ourselves.

At the core we are all pure and equal but the physical/material world and the various interactions with different people along with the circumstances make each one of us what we are. We get so caught up in this world trying to survive, trying to make a living that in the whole process we end up distancing ourselves from our core being.

Two Worlds III

In our busy fast paced life our priorities have changed and we are all living more and more in the materialistic world and are busy chasing happiness outside in the physical world when it exists within us. Most people go about their whole life without realizing the inner world at all and some who do are caught in a struggle. There is a constant inner conflict that happens when you are treading in two worlds. There are a very few who find the correct balance and even rarer are those who find absolute bliss for eternity.

Two Worlds IV

This dual world has been written about by our ancestors and you can find them in various religious texts across religions and faiths. We are all souls who live in this physical world through our body and at times experience the inner world.

Two Worlds V

So, while we are going about our life trying to survive and earn a living let us not forget to take time to connect with our inner world. Experience the twin worlds that you live in and try to find a balance. 

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